Feast on more than just summer hot dogs this weekend with these top five stories from CLOmedia.com for the week of July 27. 

1. How Gen Y Twists Tradition | Video: Millennials have an interest in the same outcomes as prior generations, but look for ways to tweak the old ways of getting there. 

2. Has E-Learning Gone Wild Again?: Online education is back with a vengeance — and it works, writes columnist Josh Bersin.

3. Surviving Survivorship Bias: World War II mathematicians looked to what was missing, not what was there, to create better armor for bomber planes. Consider a similar approach to learning strategy. 

4. 5 Ways to Ensure Critical Knowledge Transfer: Companies routinely watch deep smarts walk out the door when experts retire or leave. But there are tactics learning leaders can use to transfer this critical knowledge.

5. The Heart of Aligning Learning with Business: Lowes' Lisa Doyle and General Mills' Kevin Wilde outline the what, who and how of developing strategy and influence.

On Another Note … 

What New York's minimum wage increase is really worth, from FiveThirtyEight.

Also, Intel is offering double referral bonuses for diverse hires, from Fast Company.

Finally, six steps to adopting core values that stick, via Entrepreneur.


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