Push aside those typical summer activities for a new one: reading these top five stories from CLOmedia.com for the week of July 20. 

1. Do You Have a Company Learning Roadmap?: These five elements can help create a clear route between employee development and performance and a company's mission, goals and success. 

2. Nike's Andre Martin: Just Learn It: As the athletic equipment company expands, Nike's Andre Martin uses original, brand-focused learning to get employees functioning as well as the team they outfit. 

3. Strategizing Toward Better Leaders: Here are three steps to integrate leadership and strategy into development programs.

4. Six Ways to Increase Your Influence: Leaders can improve their ability to change people's behavior by honing or increasing their sphere of influence.

5. Commit to Win | Video: Busting the myths most of us believe is about commitment, Heidi Reeder shows that it all comes down to four variables: treasures, the benefits we get from working toward a goal; troubles, the difficulties we have to deal with; contributions, the time, money and effort we invest; and choices, the number of good alternatives we have.

On Another Note … 

How to make job hopping looks like an employer's dream, from Fast Company. Read here

Also, seven interview questions that determine emotional intelligence, via Entrepreneur. Read here

Finally, three ways to get promoted, from Business Insider. Read here.


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