Settle in to a nice Saturday barbecue with these top five stories from for the week of July 13. 

1. What Learners Really Want: Listen to your learners: They want speed, diversity and adaptability in internal development programs.

2. Forget Gen Y: Are You Ready for Gen Z?: Members of Generation Z, or the iGeneration, require a different recruiting and development approach. But meeting their needs won't be as tough as learning leaders think. 

3. Turn a Boss Into a Leader: Help managers use their position for good by teaching these three skills that emphasize earning influence rather than wielding it.

4. Extreme Makeover: Learning Edition: A financial technology company self-transforms its learning department from order takers to business partners.

5. Do You Have a Company Learning Roadmap: These five elements can help create a clear route between employee development and performance and a company's mission, goals and success. 

In Other News … 

Should Americans work more? To hit 4 percent growth, we would have to, writes The New York Times. Read here

Also, wage differences are high on the list as unions begin talks with the major automakers on a new contract, reports The Wall Street Journal. Read here

Finally, the 21 biggest family owned businesses in the world, via Business Insider. Read here


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