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The Week That Was

Now that Memorial Day is in the rearview, bust out the white pants and read these top five stories from CLOmedia.com for the week of May 25.

1. Ladies, You Need a Mentor: Mentors can give women the access, opportunity and confidence they need to ascend to senior-level leadership roles. But there are quite a few misconceptions that stand in the way of formal programming. 

2. 5 Tips for Developing and Leading Gen Y | Video: Editors Ladan Nikravan and Frank Kalman discuss the validity of Entrepreneur Magazine's five tips for managing millennials. 

3. The CLO Career Path: What's Next? | Video: What should learning leaders do after retirement? How can they choose what's best for them? CLO Justin Lombardo has the answers and shares his own experiences. 

4. Do Millennials' Weak Skills Threaten America's Competitiveness?: More education does not mean more skills. Here's why that's a problem for a workforce that's increasingly millennial-driven, writes editor Ladan Nikravan.

5. Learn Now, Function Later: What learning leaders do now could impact employees; psyches well into their 80s and 90s, writes editor Kate Everson. 

On Another Note … 

What your email inbox says about your personality, from The Atlantic. Read here.

Also, The Economist takes a look at how more educated women are opting to have children. Read here.

Finally, what watching the NHL playoffs can teach business people, from Entrepreneur. Read here.

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