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The Week That Was

Mom will want you to read these top five stories from CLOmedia.com for the week of May 4 this weekend. We promise.

1. How to Create a Learning Video They'll Want to Watch: Everyone talks about video as the next wave of learning delivery, but you might want to read these tips before shouting "lights, camera, development." 

2. Stagnant Outlook for Learning Measurement: Despite technological assistance and a variety of approaches with which to measure data, CLOs are still struggling to quantify training impact.

3. Vanguard University: Leaders Development Leaders | Video: Leaders at Vanguard play varied roles within Vanguard University, including full facilitation, small group or individualized coaching, role playing and debriefs with learners.

4. What Makes Qualcomm No. 1 | Video: Find out from the CLO herself why Qualcomm earned the top spot in Chief Learning Officer's 2015 LearningElite rankings.

5. Gen Y: Not So Different After All: Contrary to the headlines about generational differences, new research on learning needs and retention reveals shared views on workplace training and technology across generations, writes editor Ladan Nikravan.

On Another Note … 

Here's how employers are working to meet the work expectations and needs of "restless" millennials, reports The Wall Street Journal. Read here

Also, the biggest hindrance to work-life balance isn't increased job expectations, it's wage stagnation, reports Inc. Read here.

Finally, ways to influence even the most resistant people, from Business Insider. Read here

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