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The Week That Was

Take a break from the May sunshine with these top five stories from CLOmedia.com for the week of April 27.

1. Gen Y: Putting the 'Cult' in 'Culture' | Video: Millennials seek tight-knit work environments, but is it a realistic culture to deliver or even effective for a business' success?

2. How to Create a Learning Video They'll Want to Watch: Everyone talks about video as the next wave of learning delivery, but you might want to read these tips before shouting "lights, camera, development."

3. Build Trust When Building Leaders | Video: When putting together leadership development programs, don't forget the importance of trust. It's something that can't always be rebuilt. 

4. Learning from the Failure Cycle | Video: Author Mark Coopersmith discusses failed tech site Gigaom and how CLOs can use the seven states of the failure cycle to create future success.

5. Bill Rasmussen: Develop Yourself by Asking Questions: Take it from ESPN's founder: Asking questions is a great way to develop yourself, as well as your projects.

On Another Note … 

The fascinating ways attitudes about work are changing, from Fast Company. Read here

Also, eight ways to kill employee motivation, via Inc. Read here

Finally, 30 business books to read before turning 30, from Business Insider. Read here




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