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The Week That Was

March promises to be sunnier than February, so start the good vibes off right by reading these top five stories from CLOmedia.com for the week of February 23.

1.Campbell's Development Recipe | Video: Learn how development improves performance and business quality at the Campbell Soup Co. and what learning leaders under budget constraints can do to replicate such success.

2. 7 Ways to Support Functional Leaders: Those at the helm of marketing, sales, strategy or human resources need a little help from their learning leaders. Here’s how to deliver it while simultaneously preparing these managers for future roles.

3. Video Training Is Hot: Looking to close the digital skills gap? You might find your answer in 60- to 90-second videos, the newest bite-sized learning delivery trend.

4. Want Results? Fix Accountability: If employees don’t know what results the company needs to achieve, they won’t invest the energy needed to attack obstacles, solve problems and create solutions.

5. Student Employees: ‘Show Me More Than the Money’: Cincinnati Children’s Hospital supports nurses working and taking college credits, and doing so boosts its status as an employer and health care provider.

On Another Note …

More new jobs are in the cities, not suburbs, the New York Times reports. Read here.Also,

Also, T.J. Maxx is following Wal-Marts lead in lifting wages, via The Wall Street Journal. Read here.

Finally, the best internships in the technology sector, along with the crazy money they make, thanks to Business Insider. Read here.

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