The Week That Was

That's it. Ditch all your weekend plans now. This week's content is that good.

1. The Black Hole of Measurement: A focus on efficiency, effectiveness and alignment will help master metrics, writes CLO columnist Josh Bersin.

2. Is Self-Worth a Cure for Office Drama?: Workplace conflict is an undeniably frequent occurrence, but where it crosses with self-esteem may be a surprise.

3. Mentor Your Millennials: Stop blaming secondary education for the Gen Y skills gap and take charge of the problem with these mentoring techniques.

4. Action Learning Builds Agile Leaders: Teach rising leaders how to adapt to change and examine problems from diverse angles through question-based problem solving exercises.

5. Why Managers Are the New Trainers: Leaders are exhibiting a greater interest in training their teams, and that could help learning leaders’ bottom line as well as an organization’s overall functions.

On Another Note …

The ultra-rich young CEOs of Silicon Valley are changing the face of philanthropy, writes The New Yorker. Read here.

Also, what Uber needs to do to fix its reputation, from Fast Company. Read here.

Finally, getting a job at Goldman Sachs is still harder than getting into Harvard, and the investment bank remains "an employer of choice," says its CEO. BuzzFeed has more here.

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