The Week That Was

For those deep in poweder, take a break from shoveling by reading these top five stories from the week of February 2.

1. Are You Prepared For Gen Z Workers? | Video: Just when you've gotten used to having millennials around the office, Gen Z is starting to appear. Here are some of the ideas and attitudes they're bringing to the workplace.

2. Bringing MOOCs Back to Life: To incorporate MOOCs into learning strategies, increase employee engagement with a different approach to incentives and measuring success.

3. MOOC Your Way to Better Self-Development: When assessing massive open online courses for your employees, don't forget about your own development. Blogger Ed Cohen shares five recommendations.

4. Is Self-Worth a Cure for Office Drama?: Workplace conflict is an undeniably frequent occurrence, but where it crosses with self-esteem may be a surprise.

5. Want Results? Fix Accountability: If employees don’t know what results the company needs to achieve, they won’t invest the energy needed to attack obstacles, solve problems and create solutions.

On Another Note …

The next Silicon Valley: Utah? Read more from The New Yorker here.

Also, there were plenty of learning and strategy lessons from watching the Super Bowl. While much of the scrutiny went toward the Seahawks for passing instead of running the ball at the end of the game, perhaps a bigger question is why Patriots' coach Bill Belichick didn't call a timeout at that point to leave his team time to score if Seattle did. Business Insider explains why he didn't here.

Finally, a card game that helps companies define their brand, via Fast Company. Read here.


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