If and when you get bored with Katy Perry's Super Bowl halftime performance, these top five stories from CLOmedia.com for the week of January 26 will be right here waiting for you.

1. Wikipedia's Gamification Orientation | Video: The free encyclopedia onboards international volunteers through a game-style tutorial that teaches culture and standards.

2. 3 Leadership Challenges to Watch for in 2015: Control, engagement and useful information are rare commodities for those in leadership. Develop skills accordingly.

3. Bringing MOOCs Back to Life: To incorporate MOOCs into learning strategies, increase employee engagement with a different approach to incentives and measuring success.

4. Sears: Development During Store Closures | Video: Sears Holding Corp. has had its share of closures, but that doesn't mean shelving learning initiatives.

5. MOOC Your Way to Better Self-Development: When assessing massive open online courses for your employees, don't forget about your own development. Blogger Ed Cohen shares five recommendations.

In Other News …

The on-demand, freelance economy — think Uber drivers and those who take to Taskrabbit.com for their chores — has brought many benefits, mainly workers' ability to make a living without having to tie themselves down to full-time employment. But as The Wall Street Journal reported this week, these work arrangements now walk a thin line bewtween regular employment status and independent contractor. Read more here.

Also, why law school is a waste of money unless you get into a top school, via Business Insider. Read here.

Finally, why being experienced doesn't automatically make you a good mentor, from Harvard Business Review. Read here.


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