No football this weekend means no excuses. Read these top five stories from for the week of Jan. 19.

1. How Starbucks Brews Leadership | Video: The next time you grab a latte, consider these ways that Starbucks Coffee Co. consistently develops leadership skills in thousands of international employees.

2. Taking the First Track | Video: When choosing new CEOs, boards are increasingly skipping levels of management to appoint younger or more modern leaders with fresh, forward-looking perspectives, switching up leaders' perception of Gen Y and traditional leadership development.

3. Sears: Development During Store Closures | Video: Sears Holding Corp. has had its share of closures, but that doesn't mean shelving learning initiatives.

4. Establish Good L&D Goals Upfront: New year, new resolutions. Blogger David Vance discusses the importance of upfront goal creating that keeps plans on track and highlights value throughout their execution.

5. Relight That Work Fire: Organizations with low engagement must show the best is yet to come.

On Another Note …

The fast-casual dining industry has taken the world by storm, leaving traditional fast-food giants like McDonald's scrambling to shift course. How did the industry come to be? The New Yorker explores. Read here.

Also, Microsoft Corp. unveiled its Windows 10 operating system this week. What's in store for the next generation of PCs? Business Insider has more. Read here.

Finally, is there such thing as a diversity dividend? One study suggests yes, according to this report from The Wall Street Journal this week. Read more here.


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