Here's my New Year's resolution for all of you: Read these top five stories from for the week of Jan. 5.

1. Avoiding Middle Manager Jealousy | Video: Managers who feel neglected or passed over are detrimental to other employees' learning. Here's how to make them part of an organization's development goals. Editor Kate Everson has more.

2. Gen Y Can Jump | Video: Millennials might be accused of job hopping, but here's how different experiences can benefit skill building.

3. Can You Teach Emotional Intelligence?: It’s not as straightforward as teaching new technical or financial information, but developing emotional intelligence can have strong benefits for relationship building, leadership development and performance.

4. SAP’s Sold on Self-Awareness: Mindfulness, the ability to pay attention in the present without distraction or judgment, is not frivolous in a learning context — it’s about science, and it’s helping software developer SAP’s employees be better workers.

5. How to Build Global Leaders: To prepare someone to lead globally, development options must equip leaders with the right combination of skills around collaboration and influence.

On Another Note …

Want a job? Time to try out.

According to The Wall Street Journal, more employers are using simulations, assessments and other tools to try people out on a job before they are in the role indefinitely. Read more here.

Also, three things billionaire investor Warren Buffett requested from his "All Star" employees, via Business Insider. Read here.

And finally, six 2014 tech stories that will still matter in 2015, courtesy of the New Yorker. Read here.


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