Only a few weeks until Turkey Day. Prepare to over eat with these top five stories from for the week of Nov. 3.

1. 5 Issues to Address with Employees Before Halloween: Don’t let the frightening festivities turn into a real-life office nightmare.

2. Myers-Briggs: Leadership Tool for Women: Looking to improve leadership and diversity at the same time? Try tapping into personality traits to overcome gender barriers and communication hurdles at work.

3. When the Boss Feels Like an Imposter: Leaders who feel like phonies can be dangerous for their organizations’ health.

4. The Answer to Transfer: We should abandon the term ‘learning transfer’ altogether, and focus interventions on identifying application opportunities and activating the most effective behaviors.

5. Value Results and People: Great leaders don’t prize results over the people who produce them.

On Another Note …

"How To Balance Youth And Experience When Building Your Staff," via Fast Company. Read here.

"How Holiday Helpers Become Permanent Hires," via The Wall Street Journal. Read here.

And "A Former Googler Explains Why It's Critical For People To Learn To Code," via Business Insider. Read here.


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