What better way to celebrate the end of October than by reading these top five stories from CLOmedia.com for the week of Oct. 20.

1.How Disney Develops Culture | Video: Doug Lipp, former Disney University leader and author of "Disney U," discusses how Disney teaches employees to do their jobs and exude the company's culture.

2. Teaching Collaboration at MasterCard: Priceless: By cultivating cross-functional collaborations with other departments, MasterCard Chief Learning Officer Janice Burns is connecting some profitable dots between learning, culture and the business.

3. With Leadership Development for All: Leadership isn’t an individual skill — it’s an organizational competency.

4. Recognition Engages Gen Y to Stay: Millennials grew up with trophies and ribbons just for their participation, so instant feedback in the workplace is a key element to their engagement and satisfaction as an employee.

5. Engagement Starts With Them: While going to work is not literally going to war, its demands can be challenging and brutal.

On Another Note …

Sometimes making friends in general is hard, let along at work. And as more experts continue to cite "friends at work" as a legitimate factor boosting workplace happiness — and, in turn, productivity and success — it's becoming harder and harder to ignore the idea of being a little more social in the office.

But, according to this "Ask the Experts" story in Fast Company, making friends at work doesn't require daily or weekly participation in the office's "Happy Hour" at the nearby bar. Read more here

Also, what if age is nothing but a mindset? The New York Times explores. Read here.


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