The Week That Was

The sweltering days of August are here, so quench your thirst for knowledge with these top five stories from for the week of July 28.

1. When Ego Trumps the Company: Ego is only a few steps away from the confidence leaders need to be effective. When that ego gets too big, there are often warning signs that leaders can spot before they derail their companies and careers. David Witt has the story.

2. Norm Kamikow, Publishing Executive and Editor: 1943-2014: The industry leader's work elevated the human capital profession and served as a personal inspiration for many, writes Chief Learning Officer Vice President and Editorial Director Mike Prokopeak.

3. Listen Fast and Learn: Few can handle the new "less is more" information reality, writes CLO columnist Joseph McCormack.

4. The Secrets to Motivating, Inspiring and Rewarding Millennials: Like previous generations, Gen Y wants to feel understood, valued and respected. HR and business executives can play into these needs by giving millennial employees tranparency and flexibility. CLO Ask a Gen Y blogger and editor Ladan NIkravan has the story.

5. Don't Forget the Middle Performers: Before throwing more money and time at the high performers and new hires, make sure programs reach employees in the middle, too, writes CLO editor Kate Everson.

On Another Note … 

New research shows that men with wide faces are better negotiators.

According to an article from the Wall Street Journal last week, researchers at the University of California at Riverside, London Business School and Columbia University showed through a series of studies of male-male negotiations in real estate transactions and salaries that men with wider faces entered these negotiations with a competitive, not cooperative, mindset.
Read more here.
Also, an easy way to get what you want at work, according to Business Insider. Read here.
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