The Week That Was

Take a break from being an American pretending to like soccer this weekend and read these top five stories from for the week of June 9.

1. The Global Leadership Competencies We Aren’t Teaching: Change in the macro business environment moves at lightning speed. What has remained unchanged is the content of many leadership development programs — to global leaders’ detriment. Donna Parrey has more.

2. What’s Your Learning Brand?: Building a brand creates visibility and helps differentiate your offering. Pearl Sumathi has the story.

3. The 411 on ONA: Analytics of an organization’s network can identify the right mentors to help new leaders hit the ground running. Rob Cross has more.  

4. Back to School for Labor Relations Training: Cornell University’s Sally Klingel discusses how conflict management programs teach skills and adapt to changing union landscapes. CLO editor Kate Everson has more.

5. Lessons from 18-Wheelers: CLOs can use data to secure that seat at the table, writes columnist Michael E. Echols.

On Another Note …

Add this to the list of weird studies about what constitutes a C-suite executive. According to a story from The Wall Street Journal this week profiling an academic study of Swedish men, large-company CEOs are more likely to be taller than the average human.

According to the study, the average man in the study’s sample size stood five feet, 10.5 inches, but the men who would go on to become large-company CEOs were an average of six feet.

Read more here.

Also, five steps to turn inspiration into action, via Fast Company. Read here.  

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