Give your mother the best Mother’s Day present of all: read these top five stories from for the week of May 5. You might want to buy some flowers as a backup.

1. ASTD Reboots With New Name and Logo: American Society for Training and Development president and CEO announces new name, logo and initiatives in the association's future. Editor Kate Everson has the story.

2. Resentment Between Generations Is Slowing Your Organization: By learning a few skills to speak up to anyone — regardless of age or authority — people can candidly and respectfully resolve conflict and improve productivity in today’s multigenerational workplace. Ask A Gen Y blogger Ladan Nikravan has more.

3. Defining the Gen Y Leader: Gen Y is rising steadily through the management ranks, and the pace of their ascension is likely to increase. What kind of leaders will they become, and how should CLOs develop them? Editor Frank Kalman has more.

4. Maximizing Leaders’ Latent Skills: Focusing on default skills leads to leaders resting on their laurels, lopsided behaviors and career detriment. Continually developing skills that need grooming is what builds a great and modern leader. Thuy Sindell and Milo Sindellhave the story.

5. Tailoring Internships to Fit Brand and Need: Companies have to balance developing interns with promoting the company’s brand image. Editor Kate Everson has more.

On Another Note …

Is work getting too stressful? Are you struggling to come up with creative ideas to solve that new business problem?

A trip to the museum might just be what you need, according to an article this week from Fast Company.

According to the article, studies show that museums help people feel inspired, relaxed and open to new possibilities — all things that could help overworked corporate soldiers recharge or find a spark to generate a new idea. Read more here.

Also, just in case, how to survive a bear attack, courtesy of Business Insider. Read here.


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