Social Media: Learning’s New Ecosystem

Frank Kalman

The emphasis on employee development is as strong as ever, but how workers obtain, share and use knowledge is changing.

Part 1: Let’s Get Social

Frank Kalman

Social media has taken the loneliness out of e-learning and re-energized development among classroom proponents.

Part 2: A Focused Approach

Frank Kalman

As social media has enhanced the flow of knowledge, many have favored content that is delivered based on specifric business problems.

Part 3: Point of Need

Frank Kalman

Organizations are trimming employee education so that employees receive the information they need right when they need it.

Gamification: Deloitte’s Leadership Learning Motivator

Frank Kalman

Professional services firm Deloitte LLP needed a way to increase engagement on its online learning portal for leaders. The answer: Gamification.

Three Business Views of Employee Education

David Vance

There are several ways to think about employee education. CLO blogger David Vance explores three ways companies treat their employee development.

From the Archives

Targeting Employee Education for Digital Natives

Ladan Nikravan

To meet the needs of the future workforce, learning leaders must know how to reach employees who have grown up with wide access to technology. Here’s how.

Does Employee Education Build Loyalty?

Alan A. Malinchak

Learning executives hope for an added benefit with education opportunities: increased loyalty, which decreases turnover and ultimately helps carry the business through uncertain times.

Using Social Learning to Encourage Continued Employee Education

Tammara Combs

With a looming need for 20 million strategic, postsecondary-educated workers, your organization’s social workforce is a great place to start.

External Education: You Get What You Pay For

Kellye Whitney

The phrase “You get what you pay for” may be a cliche, but it also applies correctly in a great deal of situations, including in administering employee education.

Education For Business’ Sake

Ladan Nikravan

Even as unemployment continues to soar, companies are having a hard time finding talent that meets their needs. Employers have a simple, straightforward reason to invest in employee education: the bottom line.


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